Hans Herman

My Story

Times are changing….Never thought we would be making masks.

Our focus has always been about style fit and service. The past 38 years have been directed towards designing and making clothing for gentlemen. We understand patterns, fit, construction and quality fabrics. The need for our services came to a screeching halt when our lives just as yours were brought to a dramatic change as we were told to shelter in place. I learned my business which I had invested so much time and money in building was ‘non-essential’. UGH!

I’m a believer in Jesus Christ….through many situations and circumstances He has always proven himself as sovereign and in control. It was during a morning in prayer that I heard the word ‘masks’.
The thought of making masks had never crossed my mind….until then. I thought to myself….why not? I have the fabrics, the sewing team, and several decades of relationships. I also had the domain slacks.com which I had purchased back in 1993 when the internet and its commercial viability was just starting to grow.

Since that morning prayer we have been busy developing a company in the midst of challenging times. The Lord has been faithful. Our focus has been on creating unique and fun looks which will encourage people to wear masks….a step which benefits all of us.

Our masks are hand cut and sewn here in Oklahoma City. This allows us to put people back to work and keep your money in the US. We choose quality fabrics which can be cleaned and reused. We’ve paid attention to design and function….shaping our masks to fit around the eyes and nose…and creating a more trim fit.

Thanks for visiting…let me know if you have suggestions on how we can be more creative and better service oriented. Feel free to email ideas direct to me hans@slacks.com.


Hans Herman